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Via Early Intervention

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Via Early Intervention program is staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines. Via speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists work with children in their natural environments (homes, daycares, etc.) to meet the individual needs of each child and their families.

Children are assessed by each team member to determine their strengths. A plan is developed that helps each child learn and grow according to their needs and abilities.

Via Early Intervention offers:

  • Highly trained professional staff of speech, occupational and physical therapists
  • Community-based delivery (in home and childcare settings)
  • Team-based approach
  • A plan designed to meet child’s individual needs
  • Family training

Via’s Staff

Speech Therapy (ST)
Speech Therapists focus on development of skills that enable a child to express themselves and understand others. Speech Therapists encourage natural development of communication skills like babies locating sounds and responding to language, and making their first sounds or gestures. Muscle development of the mouth and face is necessary to facilitate speech and eating skills. A Speech Therapist looks at how a child is using their muscles and works to improve “oral-motor” skills for better eating and speech.

Occupational Therapy (OT)
Occupational Therapists focus on how a child receives and uses input from their senses (vision, hearing, touch and movement). By working with this “sensory-motor” development, children acquire “fine motor” skills, such as use of the eyes and hands together, so the environment is more accessible and fun. Fine motor skills are used for play, feeding, dressing and school activities.

“Via provides reinforcement of techniques and skills so we can see the ideas working. They provided strategies for working with my child that fits his needs.”

- Parent of Child in
Via Early Intervention

Physical Therapy (PT)
Physical Therapists work with children to develop gross motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, climbing stairs or riding a bike. Therapists also work to improve children’s ability to maintain good body posture and move through their environment safely.

Special Instructors (SI)
Special Instructors (also known as Early Intervention Teachers) focus on promoting the acquisition of skills by infants and toddlers by designing and enhancing the learning environments, activities, and routines of children and their families. Teachers adapt teaching techniques to each individual child and work collaboratively with families to enhance a child’s skills in a variety of developmental areas, including cognitive and language processes and social interaction.

Early Intervention Coordinator
The coordinator is responsible for keeping the Early Intervention program running smoothly. They are the first contact between the county and Via and process information coming to insures it is forwarded to the appropriate people. The coordinator monitors every child’s file and obtains necessary paperwork as is required by state regulations.

Early Intervention Director
The Director is responsible for the operation of all children’s programs at Via. Insuring the highest standards are maintained in Via’s services, the Director works with staff to promote best practices in all aspects of work with Via’s families. The Director represents Via on committees, coalitions and coordinating bodies throughout the region keeping current on regulations and policies and the development of new options for families.


For more information, contact:
Marianne Bear, Vice President of Admissions & Quality Control | 610-317-8000 x452