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The John E. Walson Center at Via
Via Adult Training Services - Program Overview

Via Adult Training ServicesThe John E. Walson Center at Via provides educational, social, cultural and wellness activities for adults with disabilities.  Participants in this adult training program spend a portion of their time at our facility in Bethlehem, combined with opportunities to explore the community.

Our Staff
Our staff have more than 40 combined years of experience in the human service field, receive extensive background checks and are trained in the following: Preventing Abuse and Neglect, Overview of Developmental Disabilities, Medication, Health & Safety, and CPR and First Aid.

Activities of Daily Living
The John E. Walson Center at Via introduces individuals to tasks and activities that enable them to achieve independence and improve self-awareness.   Areas addressed include mobility, personal hygiene, self-care skills, and community living skills. These areas help to provide opportunities for self-expression and achievement.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteerism promotes community participation, can expand an individual’s networks and interests.  Participants have the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of local nonprofit organizations including Meals on Wheels, libraries, conservation programs and nursing homes.

Community Exploration
Participants experience a variety of social and recreational activities in their communities.  Instruction focuses on learning about the community, safety, public transportation and appropriate social interaction.  In addition, participants will learn about money management, social interaction skills, and how to connect to activities and events in the community.  Examples of community exploration include shopping, art classes, visiting senior centers, attending the theatre and concerts, and visiting museums and galleries.

Cooking & Nutrition
Learning about health and nutrition needs can help people make informed decisions about their food choices.  Individuals at the John E. Walson Center at Via learn about food groups, menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation, with a focus on healthy eating and attention to specific dietary concerns.  Safe food handling skills are also taught.

Physical Activity & Wellness
Participants are introduced to light physical exercise and classes that focus on healthy living.  The John E. Walson Center at Via also engages individuals in activities of daily living like personal hygiene and dressing appropriately for the season and activities.

Self Directed Activities
Participants gain an understanding of creating individual programs by selecting their own activities.  This is also an opportunity to enhance gross and fine motor skills, develop eye/hand coordination, experience recreational activity, and use leisure experiences for personal and social development.  Examples include basketball, swimming, games, computer instruction, community activities, reading, movies, arts and crafts, bowling, dancing, and exercise classes.

Communication Training
Communication Training helps participants improve cognitive/affective communication, learn sign language, use augmentative communication techniques, and improve speaking skills.  In addition, discussions on current events, hobbies, personal interests and expression of emotions will be facilitated by our trained staff.

Social Skills

Social Skills provides the opportunity for individuals to explore appropriate interactions in various situations and settings through role playing, instruction, and real-life experience.


For more information, please contact:
Lowell King | 610-317-8000 x485